If You're Gonna Jump

By: Natasha Bedingfield

Set to modern rock this fast paced adventure takes thrill seekers to nirvana. An adrenaline rush!

This package includes two fantastic performances. The first is the original "portable version" which can be performed anywhere and was created by SindySinclair. The second (based on SinSinclair's original) is the "theatrical version" remastered by TonyaOnya. It was created to be played on stage with thrilling sets built right into the room.

Random Endings!
The theatrical version of this performance introduces a new feature. It's different everytime. It also uses a number of animated furniture products including new stage effects, backdrops, cars & aircraft. You'll build your theater set for surfers and adrenaline junkies 'fer sure man'. Natasha Bedingfield's, "If You're Gonna Jump", is now a full-blown IMVU theatrical performance too.

Start performing the portable version today, then build your theater set over time. You may build your set in any room, or for a true to live feel, get a keef theater and set this performance on Stage Main: Scene Two.

TITLE: If You're Gonna Jump
ARTIST: Natasha Bedingfield
TRIGGER: Ctrl + Alt + h (help)
TRIGGER: Alt + p (theatrical product list)
TRIGGER: Ctrl + Alt + j (performance) 3:21 mins:secs
TRIGGER: Ctrl + j (theatrical version) 6:39 mins:secs

SEX: FEMALE (have not tried it for men)

1) download this performance
Unzip it. Add it, along with your key, to your launcher.
2) collect your props and go to ANY IMVU ROOM or a keef theater
Hey you don't actually have to build a Keef theater yourself... there are a few in operation and will eventually be linked by portal. I have added animated furniture to Copperhead Road for you pros that build your own theaters; making this "bad boy" thriller performance very exciting!

Works in any room
3) get the required products listed below
4) dress down (dress for your look only - remove all voiceboxes and animations)
5) launch (or double click) Performance.exe
6) use key command to trigger the performance (CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL TRIGGERS)
7) when the music starts, triple click the room, or bring up the chat box to allow the performance to flow

If you do this correctly you will get a kiss from Tonya.

Worn IMVU Avatar Products (required)
Worn IMVU avatar products are the minimum that you need to perform. So consider this section required. The other item sections, such as furniture and effects, are for the theatrical version.

This required list is for the "perform anywhere version" by SinSinclair
PLAYLIST MUSIC: If You're Gonna Jump -by- Natasha Bedingfield

Fighting Aactions M/F
*Dance with Me* dance
[R] Flying Poses - Anim
Dance ~ My Rock Party 1
realistic fight action
$PK| LaMBO:PHATnum whiTe
[KEV] Black M3 Concept
Gun - Kimber 1911 45s -F
EVIL- Trained Guard Dog

Tonya's Theatrical Version

Chances are you already own many of the products in this list if you are a Virgin Graduate with a theater. The theatrical version of this performance is free however to perform it well you will want to eventually collect everything on this list. Take your time and use your wishlist to help it along.


Music Playlist Song: If you're gonna jump
Music Playlist Song: 40 Seconds of Silence (new optional follow-up silent track)

Actions & Worn Props

Hidden Avatar
Guitar Virgins
Parachute w/SFX
RLove Actions Kneeling1
[LP]6 Die Actions M/F
Flying Poses - Anim
*Dance with Me* dance
Surf Board
Wearable Bubble Maker
Black M3 Concept
Fighting Aactions M/F
realistic fight action
Dance ~ My Rock Party 1
Marine *Portable *DEV
Black Scuba Fins (F)
LaMBO:PHATnum whiTe
EVIL- Trained Guard Dog
Pug Dog
Puppy Power
Puppy Stomper

Room & Furniture Products (optional)
IMVU furniture products are only needed if you have your own room. So consider these sections optional. Virgin graduates have created scores of theaters and clubs where the sets, atmosphere, and look & feel is always a unique experience. Most performances require no theater or effects at all. Furniture and effects are add-on upgrades that you can do at anytime. Think of them as gravy. Effects add to the performance experience.

Hollywood Theater (you can use any room however this is recommened for pro-performers and experienced imvu users)
Rotating Turntable (place on main stage, scene two, just outside curtain)
Flyable Triplane (see my room for how to place this)

Furniture: Triggered PopUps/Backdrops (strongly recommended)
These make up your stage sets. In order for this to work correctly, you will have to place these backdrops in a particular order. Here they are listed from back to front. These hide props and reveal them to your audience as the story is told. No matter what kind of theater you build, remember that you can visit the Hollywood Theater to see how these are placed.

POPUPS GROUP ONE (these popups should be placed in the following order from back to front)

1) ! Jet Airliner PopUp (rear most)
2) ! Sunset PopUp (front of prior one)
3) ! Moons PopUp (front of prior one; see below for selections)
4) ! Storm PopUp (front of prior one)
5) ! Jump Plane PopUp (front of prior one)
6) ! Skydiver PopUp (front of prior one)
7) ! Derive PopUp Backdrop (front of prior one; or derive your own logo; keep same triggers)
8) ! Free Fall PopUp (forward most; ends up at about mid stage; gives lots of depth)

POPUPS GROUP TWO (these popups are not set in any particular order)
! Surf's Up PopUp (I place this diaginally for a deeper 3D feel; see in my room)
! Floor PopUp (place on floor; see example in Hollywood theater)

Natasha B PopUp (bonus popup works with SindySinclair's version)
Yellow Ferrari PopUp (bonus popup works with SindySinclair's version)

Furniture: Select Triggered Moon PopUps

Mix and match, or choose just one. These pop-up backdrops all use the same triggers. To see how great the moons look when used together go to the Virgin Matrix room and use the trigger command "*moonrise"

! Moon Rising w/fog
! Moon Lake w/fog
! Moon Pop-up Backdrop

Furniture: SoundFX (strongly recommended)

Default trigger sounds (invisible)
! MC SoundFX (I hide these under the floor)
! Theater SoundFX (clustered under floor with the others)
! Thunder SoundFX (but you can show them if you want)
! Aircraft SoundFX (the SFX collection will surely grow)

Furniture: Stage Effects
This performance uses a few room effects but even if you are in a room where they are not present, it runs beautifully. Optional or not, the more products you collect from this short list the more interaction your room will have with your performance.

The following are used in this performance.

Black N Silver Confetti (I use pink too)
HB777 Hot Pink Confetti (only one is needed but I use both)
! Fireworks
Plasma Thing
PyroTechnic Flame Wall
One of these cannons (test its trigger: boom)
Obviously hidden triggers were a greatly needed improvement. There are a lot of new things I can do with this ability. It is however harder to develop and support performances. Hidden triggers will be more difficult for Instructors to support if you have a problem. Only you will be able to see the triggers and it is up to you to determine if it is functioning or not.

Sometimes we might not always be able to tell you exactly what you are missing. The best way to know is to carefully watch other Virgin Graduates as they perform it for you and then watch yourself noting which triggers are not doing anything.

Creating with hidden triggers has increased the time needed to produce performances and that is reflected slightly in the pricing, but the results and amazing new posibilities make it so very worthwhile to continue producing in this way.

1) Generally "how to trigger" remains the same
2) Managing hidden trigger performances depends a little more on you (observation)
3) Use of other than "default hands" can cause conflicts in many performances

As stated above, dress down! This performance will dress and undress your avatar for you.

This new generation of performances will automatically dress your avatar with everything you need provided that you already own it. If you do not own the wearable products listed on this page and you attempt to run this performance before you own them, when you finally do buy them, they will not work until you have cleared your IMVU cache.

Create ONLY YOUR LOOK for this performance and save it

1) Do not run the performance before you have the products (if blundered, clear IMVU cache)
2) Dress down instead of dressing up (your KBs need to be low as possible)
3) Remove all vBoxes, actions, triggers, etc. to avoid conflicts in performances (avoids load failures too)
4) After performance automatically removes items reducing kbs back to normal (wait for this)

IMVU STICKER PAYMENT: sticker not yet available - includes IMVU retail mark-up & sticker dev charges

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