Mr. Grinch

Mr. Grinch
By: Thurl Ravenscroft

"You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" is a Christmas song that was originally written and composed for the 1966 cartoon special How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

A Note From Tonya
This performance is choreographed by my good friend AngelAllure. Ang has created a masterpiece that is going to be shown and talked about for years. There is no description that can say in words just how very well crafted she choreographed this performance. It rivals my own work. She has been with Virgins a very long time and this performance shows her expertise.

As you perform this, or if you are watching someone else perform it, watch closely for the tiny details that others might not notice. Keep in mind that every movement made by the MrGrinch had to be programmed. The actions you see are not accidental and Ang makes it look easy. The real beauty of her work is in how she makes it all look so natural. This performance also reveiles Ang's comedic style, sense of timing and her ability to bring viewers into the story. Ang easily has over 300 hours in building this amazing masterpeice performance for you.

Thank you Angel we love you!

TITLE: Mr. Grinch
ARTIST: Thurl Ravenscroft
TRIGGER: Ctrl + Alt + h (help)
TRIGGER: Ctrl + Alt + a (performance)
TIME: mins:secs
SEX: Male/Female

NOTE: This performance will autodress the required items only.

1) get the required products listed below FIRST* (see notes regarding auto-dress feature below)
2) DRESS DOWN (undress except for your looks, remove all vBoxes, actions, dances.. lowest possible kbs)
3) launch (double click) MrGrinch.exe
4) use key command (listed above) to trigger the performance

If you do this correctly you will get a kiss from AngelAllure.

Dangerous HUGE Avatar
Animated Santa Hat
Grinch Shoes
[HW][PBM] Christmas Killjoy
[HW][PBM] X-mas Killjoy Skin
[HW][PBM] Killjoy Mane M/F
[PBM] Killjoy Body Suit
[PBM] Killjoy Green hair
Ama{Grinch sound whisker
Christmas GRINCH Voice
[HW]15 EMINEM poses
[HW]15 Lil WAYNE poses
[HW]Lights Off/On Female
[HW]I{=:Magic Cards
rave ghost floor
Grinch voice box X-mas
Ballet 01 - Dance action
ICO Scroll M
[CP]Portable UniCycle MF
[RC] Christmasbag
Whistles & Kiss Sounds +
(A) Reindeer Holiday pet
[TDK]Deriv 7/P/Happyday
Aww Crazy Balloon O_O
Russian Sailor Dance
[CUZ]6 Fun Action
Hidden Avatar
Juggler Action
! Bowing Action
Juggler Action
[xo]santa sack & gifts

This performance uses very few room effects but even if you are in a room where they are not present, it runs beautifully. Optional or not, the more products you collect from this short list the more interaction your room will have with your performance.

All of the following are used in this performance.

Plasma Thing
! Twinkie Trigger Train
! Xmas SoundFX
! Xmas Tree Truck
! Santa Reindeer
Skiing Snowman & trigger
'One Horse Sleigh ~Bay
! MC SoundFX

As stated above, dress down! This performance will dress and undress your avatar for you. Remember to remove your voice boxed and actions before you perform.

This new generation of performances will automatically dress your avatar with everything you need provided that you already own it. If you do not own the wearable products listed on this page and you attempt to run this performance before you own them, when you finally do buy them, they will not work until you have cleared your IMVU cache.

Create ONLY YOUR LOOK for this performance and save it

1) Do not run the performance before you have the products (if blundered, clear IMVU cache)
2) Dress down instead of dressing up (your KBs need to be low as possible)
3) Remove all vBoxes, actions, triggers, etc. to avoid conflicts in performances (avoids load failures too)
4) After performance automatically removes items reducing kbs back to normal (wait for this)

Ang's Tips & Tricks

Don't be a Grinch! Choreographed to work in Automated Robotic Keef Theaters

IMVU CREDIT TRANSFER: Contact Virgin Management for current exchange rate.

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