Time Bomb

For mature audiences and venues only.

TITLE: TimeBomb
ARTIST: Rabbit in the Moon
TIME: 6:55 mins secs
SEX & TYPE: Female, Solo
KEEF STAGE DIRECTION: Stage B - Inside Curtain - Scene 2

*XP signifies especially erotic Performances or outfits

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Click for IMVU WORN items needed in this performance
(ignore the IMVU page saying items in room )

Click for IMVU ROOM items supported by this performance

About TimeBomb
This is Virgins' most erotic Performance.
It should only be performed to mature audiences and secure venues.
See warnings from Tonya below.

This sensual Performance takes us along into a woman's dream imagery
as she explores .... Um... Herself.

If the venue is set up for it, a partner my join to... help.. with explorations.
Ask a senior memeber of Virgin staff how to do this.
How To Perform TimeBomb
1) Launch the performance
2) Enter an IMVU room
3) Dress Down
4) Add any saved items
5) Click to perform
How To Perform
1) Hover over mix
2) Go 'set' and Trigger when ready
3) Click back into Chat when you see the mix load.
4) You have 3 seconds to spare, do it right and you get a kiss :* from Tonya!
Tonya's Tips & Tricks
Before you collect this performance be sure to check with our staff on how to proceed.
Be sure to read this page thoroughly and contact us before you start collecting the items you will need.

The performance you are reviewing might be considered obscene by some viewers.
After all, it is based on an obscene phone call. Real or imagined, this dreamscape
is a common fantasy among women (some women anyhow - grins a stupid grin).

This performance uses some unusual methods of controlling actions. I have intentionally taken advantage of
IMVU product conflicts in order to force off some items during costume changes. This reduces the time it
takes to do some mid-performances item changes. There is nothing different for you to do, just make sure
you own all the items listed as required...but before you do, take a look at the performance and/or the
products listed and be sure that these are things you are willing to wear. If you are offended by the item
name or content and would refuse to wear such a thing, please skip this performance and consider collecting
one more suited to yours taste and style. Here's why...

It is important that you obtain all of the required items in this performance. This is one of those rare occasions,
when I control some parts of your outfit but dont worry, you will still look like you. I add this warning to let
you know that if you try to skip items because you don't want to be nude or wear an item I've listed as
required, odd and unexpected things are going to change how the performance functions.

Also be aware that some actions in this performance are hard to find. One product is one difficult item to find.
You will not find it listed in the product items above and our staff does not share this rare IMVU product
except after Performance Collection. If you have problems finding or keeping this product we can not be
held responsible for the loss of this product, replacement availability or how IMVU will react if they contact
you about its compliance with the IMVU ToS.

So... perform this in private and never give out the action PID or make it viewable in the catalogue.
You are using this Performance and product at your own risk.

Have fun!

Full use only with Key Purchase

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